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High magnification membrane concentration system for saline wastewater

Product Description

Product description

Typical application: high concentration of ternary washing water

Technical advantages:
1. The mother liquor and washing water are precisely filtered respectively to recover the ternary precursor in the residual liquid;
2. The washing water is highly concentrated, and the produced water after washing water concentration is made into pure water for reuse;
3. The concentrated water concentrated in the washing water is mixed with the mother liquor and enters the negative pressure ammonia evaporation system. Ammonia can be recovered in the form of ammonia or liquid ammonia, with a recovery efficiency of more than 99%. At the same time, the ammonia nitrogen content in the bottom liquid after ammonia removal is less than 5mg / L, which is better than the discharge standard;
4. The high salt wastewater after ammonia removal enters the MVR system after removing the sediment (metal hydroxide) through the filter. Due to the removal of impurities in the previous process, the recovery value of MVR crystalline product sodium sulfate is high. At the same time, due to the relationship between washing and concentration, the MVR treatment capacity is greatly reduced and the investment of evaporation and concentration equipment is reduced;
5. The condensed water generated by MVR system enters the washing water concentration section for pure water preparation;
6. This process realizes resource recovery and zero emission.
Application fields: high concentration of ternary washing water, high concentration of nickel oxide washing water, high concentration of lithium carbonate washing water, reduction of acid wastewater in titanium dioxide industry

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